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Sleigh Riding Tours in Ojcow National Park
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Enjoy an unforgettable Horse Sleigh Rides with torches in Ojców and Ojców National Park surroundings.

Wyżywienie: zgodnie z programem imprezy (ZPR)
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Sleigh Riding Tours in Ojców and Ojcow National Park

Enjoy an unforgettable Horses Sleigh Rides with torches in Ojców and Ojców National Park surroundings.

Here in Ojców National Park, so close to Krakow you can experience the truly horse sleigh rides with campfire and mulled wine!

Sleigh Riding Tours in Ojcow National Park [video]

Additional attractions:
 - Walk to the uins of the castle with a guide - for all souvenir! - The price depends on the number of people willing to walk.

Meeting with representatives of EcoTravel in the parking lot below the castle ruin Fathers Casimir. Places 1 sledge for max. 5/6 persons. Duration sleigh ride is approximately 1 hour. The route leads Valley Prądnika: Fathers - Cracow Gate - Gorge Korytania - Fathers. Upon completion of all pending sausage on the grill or bonfires and mulled wine for the adults and for children hot tea.

Price list - Winter 2015/2016:

Number of people in a group / Price per person.
20-29 persons / 95 PLN
30-39 persons / 90 PLN
40-60 persons / 85 PLN

 - It is possible to organize a sleigh ride for smaller or larger groups - price separately valued.

Horse Sleigh time can take max. 40 people.
For larger groups sleigh ride is organized in rounds.
  - Route sleigh rides can be changed !!!

- Send your inquiry by email info@ojcow.pl or just call +18 12 6813692

Terminy i ceny

Cena podstawowa Wolne miejsca
1 day 95 PLN Sprawdź


bez zakwaterowania

Without accommodation.


zgodnie z programem imprezy (ZPR)

Catering according to the program.


Cena zawiera

The price includes:
 » Sleigh ride with torches.
 » Sausage on the grill or bonfire
 » Mulled wine for the adults and for children hot tea,

Cena nie zawiera

The price does not include:
 - Transport to place a sleigh ride begins

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